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A contemporary Shaker style door with bevelled internal profile. Doors are a two-piece construction, with a 15mm MDF base panel and 4mm Shaker framing, pressed together with a durable foil. Drawer fronts are 18mm slab construction. Available in four on-trend colours, all Harvard doors have a white reverse.

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110mm h x 595mm w, 140mm h x 295mm w, 140mm h x 313mm w, 140mm h x 345mm w, 140mm h x 395mm w, 140mm h x 445mm w, 140mm h x 495mm w, 140mm h x 595mm w, 140mm h x 795mm w, 140mm h x 895mm w, 140mm h x 995mm w, 175mm h x 295mm w, 175mm h x 395mm w, 175mm h x 445mm w, 175mm h x 495mm w, 175mm h x 595mm w, 283mm h x 495mm w, 283mm h x 595mm w, 283mm h x 795mm w, 283mm h x 895mm w, 283mm h x 995mm w, 355mm h x 495mm w, 355mm h x 595mm w, 355mm h x 795mm w, 355mm h x 895mm w, 355mm h x 995mm w, 450mm h x 595mm w, 495mm h x 595mm w, 570mm h x 295mm w, 570mm h x 313mm w, 570mm h x 345mm w, 570mm h x 395mm w, 570mm h x 445mm w, 570mm h x 495mm w, 570mm h x 595mm w, 645mm h x 595mm w, 715mm h x 147mm w, 715mm h x 197mm w, 715mm h x 245mm w, 715mm h x 276mm w, 715mm h x 295mm w, 715mm h x 313mm w, 715mm h x 345mm w, 715mm h x 355mm w, 715mm h x 372mm w, 715mm h x 395mm w, 715mm h x 445mm w, 715mm h x 495mm w, 715mm h x 545mm w, 715mm h x 595mm w, 895mm h x 295mm w, 895mm h x 395mm w, 895mm h x 445mm w, 895mm h x 495mm w, 895mm h x 595mm w, 980mm h x 595mm w, 1245mm h x 295mm w, 1245mm h x 395mm w, 1245mm h x 495mm w, 1245mm h x 595mm w, 2350mm x 650mm TALL END PANEL (18MM), 3050mm x 150mm x 18mm PLINTH, 780mm x 350mm WALL END PANEL (18MM), 910mm x 650mm BASE END PANEL (18MM)


Super-Gloss-Cashmere, Super-Gloss-Dust-Grey, Super-Gloss-Graphite, Super-Gloss-Light-Grey, Super-Gloss-White